The Legion is the military and workforce of the Imagi-Nation. It is an organization of which most citizens of recommended age are a part, and provides many and varied opportunities for service. It is usually not the primary career of its members, but it is for those of high rank. It is led by the Commandallion.

Members are trained by superior members, and are awarded the next rank when their teacher deems them prepared.

Ranks Edit

Rookie Edit

The lowest rank of The Legion, issued a sword and basic body armor. They are trained by Veternals in physical combat skills, focusing on attack.

Aptman Edit

The second lowest rank, issued a shield and a cloak. They are given the opportunity to use other weapons or use a better sword. They are trained by Aypoll Tutorii in physical combat skills, focusing on defense.

Veternal Edit

The first rank of leadership, issued a sheath and better armor. They are trained by Zaypoll Tutorii in battle tactics.

Aypoll Tutorius Edit

The first true officer rank, issued full armor and a tome of magic. This is the rank at which a specialty is chosen: Physical, Mental, or Magical. They are trained by Masteronia Tolive in the basics of their specialty in addition to basic magic.

Zaypoll Tutorius Edit

The second of the lower officer ranks, issued a magical instrument and advanced tome of magic. They are trained by Masterexia Totile in their specialty and more advanced magic.

Masteronium Tolive Edit

The first upper officer rank. They are trained directly by the Commandallion in their specialty, battle tactics, and leadership.

Masterexium Totile Edit

The right hand men of the Commandallion, no longer receive training. They are generals during battle, and are integral in running The Legion.

Commandalion Edit

The ruler of the Legion. He is the Encenterra, the Emperor of the Imagi-Nation. Nobody will ever succeed him as the Commandalion, for when he is done, The Legion is done.

Unit Types Edit

During a battle, The Legion uses several types of troops.

Infantry Edit

The armed foot soldiers who lead charges and form the first line of defense.

Archery Edit

The arrow firing soldiers who stay behind the main line.

Cavalry Edit

Soldiers who ride animals into battle, similarly armed to infantry. Light cavalry typically ride Albarciones, while heavy cavalry ride more powerful beasts, including dragons, krakens, and legendarily basilisks.

Artillery Operators Edit

The soldiers who fire catapults and the like.

Encantary Edit

The mages who fight from the sides, casting spells to weaken the enemy of strengthen The Legion. Many infantry use direct combat magic, but these are not considered encantary.

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