Mydroism is the only significant religion in the Eleventh Dimension, originating in the Imagi-Nation. It focuses on a pantheon of gods whose existence is scientifically supported. It provides a creation story for the Eleventh Dimension, and explanation for magic. Magical use and theory is tied closely with this religion, and scientists who advance magical knowledge are also working to uncover Mydroism itself.

Creation Edit

Below is the official creation story of Mydroism. It is considered to be the only official scripture of the religion.

In the beginning there was nothing but light and sound. These were the opposite forces, and tension existed. It was the battle between visual beauty and music, and from that struggle came the world and the gods. There were 4 original gods - the goddesses Dawn (beautiful light) and Music (beautiful sound), and the gods Water (love) and Fire (hatred).  Dawn and Music were at peace, having created a world where both could exist, but Fire and Water were bitter enemies. They grappled for dominance, but Fire, being fiercer and more ruthless, won. He then created the two stars, Athsol and Othsum, and the planet now known as Meho Saltta. He created mindless Fire Phantoms to inhabit it.

Water shrank away into hiding and despair, and was joined by Music, who sympathized with Water's opposition to Fire. Dawn, however, thought of Fire as magnificent. She and Fire conceived a terrible son, Fiery McFlame, to rule the Fire Phantoms. His only weakness was the enemy of his father, water. Fire created a crystal, the Pyrociant, to connect the mortal world with the world of the gods. He broke it in half and cast one half down to Meho Saltta. It shattered where it landed, and there a mountain rose, and Fire sent his son down to the planet after promising him that one day he would be allowed to join Fire and rule as a god.

Fiery McFlame was a harsh tyrant and hated even his servants. He created a large palace with an enormous stained glass window, upon which were the instructions to recreate the Pyrociant which Firey McFlame would use to return to his father in the world of the gods.

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