Ijif is an island nation on the planet of Meho Saltta. It is distinctive for its long stretches of beaches of rainbow colored sand. Its capital and only major town is Bartron Bay, on the north end. It is ruled by aristocrats and is closely allied with the Imagi-Nation.

Ijif is also known for its magical significance. Magic is observed by many to be more powerful there, and many keep Ijifian sand in a bag on their person to reproduce this effect while not on the islands.

Trade Edit

Ijif is known for its trade, harboring a fleet of trading ships in Bartron Bay. A wealthy merchant class rules the island as an aristocracy in the capital, exporting sand and fruit from the jungles and importing steel and stone.

Geography Edit

The island is composed of one main, long island oriented generally north to south, several small islands trailing southward from this, and a large, circular island at the end of these. Bartron Bay is located at the top of the long island, Iji. The southern, circular island, Ajo, contains a volcano in the middle and is regarded with stigma by most Ijifians. All of the small islands, as well as the edges of Iji and Ajo, are sand, while the middle of Iji and Ajo is mostly jungle.

The Beaches Edit

The sand on Ijifian beaches is stratified into a color spectrum, completing a cycle every 20 paces or so. This is due to enormous Amrite crystal growths along the coasts of the islands, which gets grated to sand by the waves. Amrite is found in very few other locations, and in very small amounts in those few. Little is known about Amrite other than its magic enhancing properties and its tendency to form a spectrum of color by adding differently colored impurities to itself as it grows.

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