Encenterra is by far the most significant individual in the Eleventh Dimension. He is the Emperor of the Imagi-Nation, the Commandalion of The Legion, and a central figure in Mydroism. He has inexplicable power, able to change any aspect of the Eleventh Dimension by will. Some suspect him of being an entity from another dimension, and that the entirety of the Eleventh Dimension was created and is maintained by him.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of Encenterra changes, but he is most often found to be wearing a Chramoln, armor, and a mysterious necklace. He is quite tall, but not unusually so, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Role in Mydroism Edit

Encenterra means "The chosen one" in Ancient Mydroli. According to Mydroism, Encenterra was created by Water, Music, and Dawn in response to the reign of Fire and his son, Fiery McFlame, on the planet of Meho Saltta. He was cast to the surface of Meho Saltta by the Hydrociant. Representing Water to oppose the forces of Fire, he drove Fiery McFlame to Thipte and helped the other gods imprison Fire.

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